Bergamo: 5-6 May 2023

The partnerships of International Hardware Fair Italy

Find out, in this page, all the partnerships and partner events of International Hardware Fair Italy.

MADE4DIY - Italian Manufacturers for DIY & Gardening

Group of manufacturing companies throughout Italy, working in different product categories, oriented and qualified to serve the world of modern distribution DIY & Garden. MADE4DIY offers companies services related to GDS, meetings with major retailers in the sector, market data and participation in trade fairs.

MADE4DIY is an official member of HIMA (Home Improvement Manufacturers Association).




Assofermet Ferramenta gathers in Italy the dealers of hardware distribution. The association is the meeting point of wholesalers, distributors and retailers of different sizes, able to represent the strength of the Italian hardware and tools in the entire industry chain.


Confcommercio giovani Imprenditori

The National Group of Young Entrepreneurs was founded in 1988 to represent over 200,000 young operators in the Tertiary Sector. The associative base of the group is formed by entrepreneurs "under 42" members of Confcommercio.

Present in a comprehensive way, through the provincial structures, in all Italian regions, the group includes more than 130 categories belonging to different markets, tourism, services, small and medium enterprises and professionals associated with Confcommercio.




ASSOSISTEMA represents companies involved in the production, distribution, maintenance of safety devices and sanitation and sterilisation services for textile and medical products. In addition to being a direct member of Confindustria, ASSOSISTEMA is an European member of ETSA (European Textile Services Association) and ESF (European Safety Federation).


Assodimi - Assonolo

Assodimi/Assonolo is the Italian association representing the rental of capital goods. It has over 435 members throughout Italy operating in the most different sectors from lifting to earthmoving, from agriculture to logistics, not forgetting tools and equipment. The association is part of ERA (European Rental Association) as a founding member, of ANCE and Confindustria-Federvarie.


Confartigianato Imprese Bergamo

Confartigianato Imprese Bergamo was founded in May 1945, is the leading trade union organisation in the province of Bergamo for the protection of craft enterprises.

The primary purpose of the organisation is to carry out trade union actions for the protection of the collective interests of craft enterprises and of the Craftsmen in general. 

Another task is the support for the more than 14,000 member entrepreneurs, providing concrete assistance and specific support to craftsmen in all sectors in solving the problems that are a daily feature of business life.



Ascom Confcommercio Bergamo

Ascom Confcommercio Bergamo was born in 1945 and grown around the needs of Bergamo companies. The association, which represents entrepreneurs in trade, tourism and services and is open to the world of professions and nurseries, offers comprehensive assistance and advice for all problems right from the very first moments of activity.
It is part of the large Confcommercio Imprese per l'Italia family, the largest business representation in Europe, representing over 700,000 companies with almost 2.7 million employees. The Confederation values the role of the tertiary market sector, the true engine of the national economy, in national institutions.


CDO Bergamo

CDO Bergamo was born at the end of the 1980s, out of the caring experience of the Solidarity Centres: a group of friends who was used to get together to help those in search of work. The initial idea is developed and takes shape in Article 1 of the Statute and over the years, more than 6,000 companies have placed their trust in the project, leading CDO Bergamo to grow and become an institutional entity represented in the Board and Council of the Chamber of Commerce. 


Imprese & Territorio

Imprese & Territorio - joint committee of business associations was set up in 2007 and brings together 10 trade associations in the State of Bergamo.
The aim of Imprese & Territorio is to represent all companies in the sectors that refer to its member associations, in order to promote their economic and social development, in a constant and strategic relationship with public institutions, functional autonomies and local economic, political, trade union and social organisations.


Confimi Apindustria Bergamo

Confimi Apindustria is the trade association dedicated to manufacturing companies in Bergamo and its surroundings. Representation, protection, promotion and development are the key words we have in mind for the companies in our area, responding promptly and effectively to their needs. Our task is to support the competitiveness of local industry by providing assistance and advice on business issues, quickly and easily.
Without getting lost in the vast web of Italian industry, it keeps its focus on its members and gives them concrete, tailor-made help to help them grow in today's market.
A strong voice in support of entrepreneurs in the manufacturing area.