Bergamo: 8-9 May 2025

While waiting for updates on the workshop proposals scheduled for the next edition, discover the topics addressed during the International Hardware Fair Italy 2023, organised in cooperation with leading industry associations, manufacturers and media.

Friday 5 may
Timetable Title Programme Room
11 am - 1 pm

"How to prepare for the job market"


Speakers: Alessandro Angelone, National President of Confartigianato Autoriparazione

Eugenia Capanna, Owner of MTS School

Massimo Guarise, Networks Coordinator AD Italia - Giadi Group

Paolo La Vitola, CEO Autocenter Arese Srl

Alessandro Roberto Leone, FielEngineer ZF Italia

Marcello Maffeis, Sales Director & Purchase Manager Intercar

Moderator: Giuseppe Polari, creator of the GM-EDU Programme and CEO of Duessegi Editore

school training event with companies and operators in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. Duessegi Editore srl, with its GM-Edu dual educational system, wants to be an active part and driving force in the training of future young operators in the repair sector. Workshop room, 1° floor 
2 - 3 pm

"The future of the physical shop according to Kapriol"

Speaker: Paola Ruzzon, Head of Visual merchandiser

The pandemic years have severely shaken the foundations of physical shops all over the world and have brought consumers closer to the online shop, radically changing their habits. Will the physical shop still make sense? The answer is yes, as long as certain strategies are put in place and certain sales and product offering processes that are no longer suited to the new consumer are reversed. What are the reasons for continuing to invest in the shop? How are neighbourhood hardware stores behaving and how are the big retail players changing? What strategies should be introduced? Kapriol shares its experience in the retail world and explains the reasons why it firmly believes in the physical shop and visual merchandising techniques as the first and winning sales tools. Colleoni Room
3-4 pm

"Bossong fastening systems for applications in seismic areas".

Speaker: Engineer Valerio Ruggeri, Bossong Technical Office

The correct design of a connection in a seismic zone requires anchors with a specific qualification in order to guarantee the correct transfer of loads even in the presence of a seismic event.
Bossong S.p.A. has a wide range of chemical and mechanical anchors suitable for seismic loading that are qualified according to the protocols set forth in the EOTA European evaluation documents.
The aim of the meeting is to give a general overview of the regulations regarding qualification and design and to present the solutions offered by Bossong for this field of application.
Colleoni Room
2 - 2:55 pm

PPE and Workplace Safety Scenario - focus on green maintenance devices

Claudio Galbiati, President section Safety Assosistema Confindustria

Alberto Minarelli, CEO Seba Protezione 

Olando Di Bon, Owner Odibì

Associated section Safety of Assosistema Confindustria and with AIPV, Associazione italiana professionisti del Verde


Round table on Personal Protective Equipment specific to the work of green maintenance operators: respiratory protection, hands and face.  Caravaggio Room