Bergamo: 8-9 May 2025

The second day was dedicated to the renewal in independent technical retail, the evolution of b2b and social communication and the new expectations of professional consumerism post Covid.

Next Generation Retail - THE NEW TECHNICAL RETAIL 
 10:30 am Moderation: Alessandra Fraschini, technical retail journalist, physical and online From renovation in independent technical retail, to the evolution of b2b and social communication and the new expectations of the post-Covid professional consumer
Panel discussion:
Evolution of commerce, the proximity shop and the opportunities of associationism 
10:35 am

Andrea ColzaniPresident Confcommercio Giovani

Fabio PomaPresident Gruppo Ferramenta Ferro Metalli Ascom Confcommercio Bergamo

Oscar FusiniGeneral Director Ascom Confcommercio Bergamo

Marina Rodeschini, President Gruppo grossisti non Alimentari Ascom Confcommercio Bergamo

11:15 am 

Fabrizio Valente,Founder and Ceo of Kiki Lab, RetailObserva®

Next generation retail: key concepts and inspiring cases for technical retail

The key concepts that will determine the success of retail in the future will be explored in depth and various cases from global retail that can stimulate and inspire technical retail companies will be presented.

ColorDay | still image of a sector on the move

11:45 am

Speaker: Vieri Barsotti, Direttore Contexto

Paints and varnishes: metamorphosis of a sector

"Paints and varnishes production: size, structures, interactions with other players in the supply chain, perspective"



Speakers: Monica TrabucchiJournalist Colore & Hobby and Radio Colore

Andrea Miniero, Marketing, sales and sales network training Consultant

Paints and varnishes: the evolution of distribution

"The distribution of paint products: history and changes, societal evolutions and revolutions, consumer moods and business paradigms"


Speaker: Vieri Barsotti

With the contribution of

Gianni MartinettiChairman Of the Board of Directors AVISA-Federchimica, gruppo pitture


Stefano Deri, President Cortexa


Paints and varnishes: the future has already begun

"The profile of the 'new' paint distributor between mandatory regulations, new awareness, current sensitivities, ordinary and extraordinary alliances"


 Panel discussion:B2b/b2c and social communication and influencers in hardware and building

12:35 pm

Massimo NovatiMarketing Manager Krino group

MattleyDigital craftsman and Content Creator

Il Ross, Youtuber pro





Hardware Store Oscar 2023

Best Web presence/Social media/E-commerce

Best Display/Layout/Window

Best Specialisation (security, paint, tools, gardening)

Best Family History (family business in the hardware shop)



Ascom Hardware Store Award 2023

History and presence in the area /Family history and family businessInnovation/Evolution and renewal

Women's option/Female empowerment in management



10:30 am

Trends in small-scale gardening

Colleoni Room

10:30 am

Speaker: Renato Ferretti, Doctor Agronomist (CONAF) and green journalist



10:45 am

Thomas Rosolia, CEO Koelnmesse Italia 

Claudia Castiglione, Presidente ODAF Bergamo

Institutional greetings

11:00 am

Curated by Fiere di Parma

Presentation of Flormart The Green Italy 2023

11:15 am

Andrea Pellegatta, Vice President Assofloro

Green bonus and mowing and brushwood management: opportunities for the professional gardener of small gardens and terraces

11:40 am

Andrea FiorendiForestry Doctor

Lucia NusinerDoctor Agronomist

Silvia VigèDoctor Agronomist

Projects for small gardens and terraces

12:15 pm

Sandro Degni,Gardener

The management of small green spaces and terraces, technologies and equipment

12:30 pm


The conference is accredited by the Order of Agronomists and Foresters of Bergamo
Saturday 6 May
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